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Huggy makes your communication scalable and personal.

Our concern is not only to help your business to respond to all your service channels, but to have a smart environment of interaction with customers, generating more results.

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Amazon AWS is a secure cloud services platform, delivering computing power and storage.

Cognitive system that makes possible a new partnership between people and computers.

DialogFlow is a developer of human-computer interaction technologies based on natural language conversations.

Global program of development and expansion of business.

Provider of telecommunications services.

Solution for video calls with screen sharing.

All channels in one place
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Having a smart digital service is what can drive your business.

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Group channels

Your client may want to talk to you through the site chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, email and so many other places which may be very good, but lousy to your attendance staff if all of this is not centralized in the same place.

Facilitate chatbot service

In addition to wanting to talk to your company through various channels, the customer still wants to be taken care of as quickly as possible. That's why counting on artificial intelligence integrated chatbots is the alternative to speed up flows and keep channels available any hour of the day.

Management of the whole business

The number of chats that your company makes, the quality of them and the channels of interaction with your customers are so many that will make a difference in the management of your operation. Always count on accurate reports to have real time business insights.

Bring an intelligent experience to your customers

We can help your company improve its relationship with its customers. Choose one of the channels and talk to our consultants.

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