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We use the most innovative in cognitive technologies area to make the customer attendance service always efficient and personalized, regardless of the channel for contact he chose.

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Through chatbots, the customer will be pre-attended with a smart search of a solution to his questions. If this is not possible, the bot will forward the conversation to the sector pertinent to the customer's doubt. In addition, there is the possibility of automating the filling of customer information, automatically converting it into a lead and sending his data to a marketing automation platform.

Voz e vídeo

Voice and Video

During the chat is possible to make a video call with your client, also with option of screen sharing. This way you will have a more complete service and will give your client greater security.


All the channels of communication gathered in a single platform! This is how Omnichannel works to optimize time, generate control in the various channels and an equal distribution among service agents.



We produce accurate, real-time and history-based reports to answer questions such as "What is the peak service time?", "Which service agent do you most service?" Or "What is the average time for each service?".

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